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Here in Northeast Wisconsin – and many more parts of the United States – animal encounters on the road are a simple fact of life, and even more so for truck drivers and other professions that spend long hours on the road. RIGGUARD was created and branded in 2004 by Kim (Pooch) and Diane Pruchnofski – but the first model was manufactured in their garage in 1999 when they were approached by a local Wisconsin trucking company in search of a Deer Guard to protect their trucks and drivers from damage and injury. 

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welding process
welding process

While the first RIGGUARD was basic and rudimentary, it was functional and proved to be added protection for trucks and drivers. The RIGGUARD design has continued to grow and evolve since its inception and has been upgraded in quality, design, materials, and options. Like its design, the RIGGUARD brand has continued to grow and evolve as a product of P&D Metalworks, and is now manufactured in our 32,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Neenah, WI by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled team of metal workers. RIGGUARD products are compatible with most truck brands – Freightliner, Hino, International, Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Western Star. 

RIGGUARD is a family owned and operated business that was established by Pooch and Diane in 2004 – and has since been taken over by their three children in 2020. The RIGGUARD Team continues to employ a customer-first approach that is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality grille guards at great value. Save time and money with RIGGUARD.

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RIGGUARDS are available with multiple finish options and 3 top profiles. Check out our RIGGUARD models and series below!

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What Customers Say About RIGGUARD

Feeling uncertain about whether RIGGUARD is the perfect fit for your truck? It’s completely understandable given the myriad of choices available. However, we’re confident that if top-notch bumper protection is what you’re after, you’ve landed in the right spot. Still skeptical? We invite you to explore the testimonials from our previous customers and their experiences with RIGGUARD!
  • Got the guard today, and absolutely love it. You did a great job. Can not wait to show it off. Larry said thanks for the cap. Sure like it. Your TX horse friend.

  • The RIGGUARDS are the best purchase Bakers Supply Co. has made. The guards have saved our tractors from a lot of down time due to the drivers hitting deer and even cows! Very well made and solid not like a lot of the competitors. I will not purchase any other guard.

    Valley Bakers Cooperative Association, Greenville, WI
  • Rigguard has been a wise investment for us here Blue Ridge Lumber. We have installed (4) of your units, on Peterbilts, Macks and KW which has saved funds in the repair bills, because each one of the drivers have had incidents since the installation. We have not had to replace bumpers, grills, lights, fenders and even transmission coolers since we have been using the Rigguards. I suggest any driver that is traveling in an area, with a lot of wildlife…

    Shop Foreman, Blue Ridge Lumber Inc. L.L.C. Fishersville, VA
  • I purchased a full guard for my truck last year. I just struck a LARGE deer last night at 70 mph and the guard did a wonderful job!!!!! It prevented over $15,000.00 in damages plus down time & tow bill…..Thank you very much…

  • Thanks for the great bumper! I can hardly wait to bag my first deer! It will be a far easier, less stressfull ride from Von Horn to Austin in the early morning. We typically see 100 – 200 deer on hwy 290 alone; so it’s not if it’s when!…….. Don’t fear the deer, get RIGGUARD!!!!

  • We have a fleet of 350 trucks. We started putting RIGGUARD on tractors and some smaller trucks over a 2 year period and have recorded over 100 deer collisions with NO DOWNTIME or expensive repairs. Before, one truck without RIGGUARD cost over $8,000 in repair and 3 weeks downtime. Drivers don’t try to avoid deer anymore, they just keep on going. Safety-wise it’s better. We’ve now had RIGGUARD on tractors and box trucks over a 5 year period with no…

    US OIL
  • Mine is looking and working great!

  • Got the guard today,and absolutely Love it, You did a great job.. cannot wait to show it off.

  • We travel upper Wisconsin, so deer are present all the time. One of our trucks was traveling his route and 3 deer ran in front of the tractor. We hit all 3 at the same time! We estimated 400lbs of deer and our truck traveling at 60 mph. The damage was very minimal – work well done!

  • The RIGGUARD sure did it’s job when my tractor hit a 10 point buck! RIGGUARD saved the bumper and front end of my new Volvo tractor, plus numerous other occasions. Thanks RIGGUARD!

    ​of Professional Food Systems
  • I’ve been thrilled and proud to have a RIGGUARD deer bumper on my truck! Within two days of installation, I hit a big buck in Michigan. No Damage to bumper and very minor damage to the truck. I’m sure there would have been major fender damage without the RIGGUARD bumper! Two months later I hit another deer and no damage at all (where are these critters when I’m hunting?) In September my truck was parked and was hit from the…

    ​Guelph, Ontario, Canada