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Are Grille Guards Easy to Install?

Are you looking for a way to protect your big rig against animal strikes? Are you looking for a way to set your rig apart from the many others on the road? A grille guard may prove to be the perfect answer to all of your questions – and RIGGUARD provides some of the best on the market – right here in Northeast Wisconsin. Potential customers always have questions when they choose RIGGUARD and many want to know – are grille guards easy to install? We can help answer your questions at RIGGUARD!

How To Install RIGGUARD Grille Guards

The benefits of a RIGGUARD grille guard are almost endless – and on top of that – they are easy to install. RIGGUARD products are available for a variety of commercial truck brands – Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, Hino, International, Kenworth, Volvo, and Western Star – and installation is a simple process for the majority of models. RIGGUARD grille guards employ single-piece construction in aluminum, stainless steel, or powder coated steel with no assembly required on your part, which makes them even simpler to install.

When you install a grille guard on your truck, the grille guard will typically bolt onto the frame of your truck and do not require any additional drilling or tapping. RIGGUARD products can be installed with basic hand tools in less than 30 minutes – even if you are not mechanically gifted. When you enlist the services of an experienced mechanic with specialized tools, installation of RIGGUARD grille guards can take as little as 10 minutes.

Can RIGGUARD Grille Guards Be Installed with Tow Receivers?

Does your rig have front-mounted tow receivers? You may find that some grille guard brands use tow receivers for installation and you may want to know if RIGGUARD grille guards can be installed with tow receivers. The short answer – yes. RIGGUARD grille guards can be installed with tow receivers on select makes and models and when that is the case with your truck, your RIGGUARD will come with a mounting kit that will help with installation.

Metal Worker Welding a RIGGUARD Grille Guard

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Do you have your eyes on a RIGGUARD grille guard for your truck? You may be asking – are grille guards easy to install – and we can help answer your installation questions at RIGGUARD. Contact the RIGGUARD Team today with any additional questions about the installation of our products.