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How Can Truck Drivers Stay Safe on the Road?

Truck drivers are near and dear to our hearts here at RIGGUARD and we want to help keep drivers safe on the road. We want to help answer questions like – how can truck drivers stay safe on the road? We put a premium on safety at RIGGUARD and hope that this quick review of key safety tips for truck drivers will help you stay safe on the road – and provide a quick glimpse at the potential benefits of a grille guard when it comes to safety.

Top 3 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

When you are on the road and behind the wheel of your truck – safety has to be the one and only priority. Truck drivers know and understand that safety on the road is much more than just checking your blind spots or using your turn signals. Proper planning and maintenance are just as important to your safety when you get behind the wheel of your truck and start hauling cargo.

Here is a short list of safety tips that can help you stay safe on the road in your rig.

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1. Check Your Truck Before and After Every Trip

Preventative checks and measures can help keep you and the drivers on the road with you safe on your next trip. Before you get behind the wheel of your truck to haul a load cross country, it is important to check fluids, lights, and more to ensure everything is working as it should – and give your truck an exterior inspection. Key aspects of your safety checklist should include power steering fluid, oil levels, brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights, and brake fluid. When you reach your destination or return home, it is just as important to go back over your checklist to make sure nothing has gone wrong on your last haul.

2. Check the Weather and Road Conditions

Weather is always a factor when you are on the road and the more miles you put on – the more likely you are to get caught in a bad storm. It is inevitable. We know you may not be able to completely avoid bad weather on the road, but you may be able to mitigate your exposure with prior planning. Check weather conditions and forecasts before you start driving and you may be able to plan stops around the worst weather and avoid extreme weather conditions. Just like proper planning can help you avoid bad weather – it can help you mitigate delays and avoid highway construction and traffic. Plan your route ahead of time and avoid road construction to help avoid dangerous situations on the road.

3. Stay Alert, Avoid Distractions, and Keep Cargo Secure

The last safety tip on our list comes down to staying alert. When you are driving a truck with a heavy load, it is important to always be alert and observant of the traffic around you – drive defensively, check your blind spots, give yourself enough room to stop, take regular breaks, and maintain safe driving distances. When you are traveling at high speeds with a heavy trailer, every second counts and any distraction can mean the difference between a safe trip and disaster. Avoid distractions like phone calls (without a hands-free device), use a good GPS unit and know your route, and NEVER drive under the influence. Awareness on the road includes being aware of your cargo. Make sure your cargo is secure according to DOT regulations and stay safe on the road. 

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How can truck drivers stay safe on the road? Whether you are new to trucking or just need a refresher, we hope that this quick list of safety tips created by RIGGUARD will help answer your questions – and truck drivers who want to add a grille guard to their rig and improve their safety on the road have come to the right place with RIGGUARD. Contact the RIGGUARD Team today to learn more about our products!