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Frequently Asked Questions:

How heavy are the RIGGUARDS? - Our RIGGUARDS will range in weight (approx 100lbs - 175lbs.) depending on the model. Our basic RIGGUARDS in stainless steel or aluminum will not exceed 200 lbs.

How does the RIGGUARD attach to the truck? - In most cases the RIGGUARD will have brackets that use the tow hook holes on your semi truck. If you do not have tow holes the guard is mounted to the bumper and frame using the existing bumper holes. In some cases slight modification is necessary for installation

Does the RIGGUARD fold down so I can open my hood? - Yes. The guard can easily tilt forward 90 degrees just by removing two big grip pins.

Can you ship my RIGGUARD to me? - Yes, RIGGUARD can be shipped LTL directly to you or your business.

How long will it take to receive my RIGGUARD? - Most guards are built to order and will have a lead time from 2-4 weeks depending on order quantity, lead times increase through the fall season.

What are the RIGGUARDS built out of? - We offer two different materials: 2" scheduled 40 304 Stainless Steel, or a 2" Scheduled 40 RIG PRO aluminum. Both guards are built exactly the same with 3" square tubing uprights and no seams. The pipe is run into the uprights and welded into place eliminating seams and butt-welds.

Will you guarantee my truck will have no damage if I hit a deer? - No, even though RIGGUARD may prevent a major collision with an animal we cannot guarantee there will be no damage done to your semi truck. Feedback from our customers has shown that our RIGGUARDS have saved many companies thousands of dollars in front end repairs and costly down time.

How are RIGGUARDS installed? - All of our guards will come with brackets necessary for mounting your RIGGUARD securely to your truck. Your RIGGUARD can be installed by you with a helping hand or by a local shop. We do offer installation at our shop in Neenah, WI.

How long does it take to install my RIGGUARD? - Most RIGGUARDS will take 30 minutes- 1 hour for installation, in some cases installation may involve slight modification to the front end of the semi truck.

Do I have any type of warranty when I purchase a RIGGUARD? - Yes, we have a standard 1 year craftsmanship warranty. Contact for a copy or our warranty.

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